What is JAVS?

Japan Association of Veterinary Students (JAVS) is an association started up by veterinary students for veterinary students. The purpose of JAVS is to allow each veterinary student's dream to come true along with their peers, and ultimately allow him to become a veterinarian who can contribute to the people, to the animals, and to the society.To fulfill the purpose, we give information and a place to trade opinions for veterinary students who belong in the 16 universities of Japan, and allow the students to communicate.Right now, IVSA-Japan works as one of the divisions of JAVS.

What is IVSA?

International Veterinary Student Association (IVSA)  is a  not-for-profit non-governmental organisation that was founded in 1951, which reaches 61st anniversary. Today, there are 58 branch offices around the world, and have the head office in Denmark.IVSA presents a place of international communication for the students, workshops, financial aids and more, to raise the veterinary medicine's educational level, in order to contribute to animals and people around the world. Our main activities are personal/group exchange program planned by students of IVSA members, symposium/conference that are held twice a year at each country, and financial aids/scholarship for veterinary students.